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You know what to do. Why aren't you doing it?

Health education works! Most people know what they should be doing to maintain good health and happiness. Just as most know how to be successful at their work and in their relationships. Yet doing the 'right thing' remains a constant challenge.


Most iHealth Center clients are highly educated and professionally successful. But wealth and prestige contribute little to their personal lives if they are as emotionally clueless as our less fortunate clients. The reality is that it requires considerable effort to act in ones best interests. If you claim to desire health, wellness, and happiness, you must open your mind to change that often conflicts with social expectations. 


Dr Kweethai offers infrequent community classes that serve as a change catalyst by getting you to ACT on your desires. You can't just "think about it." "I am trying" is a weak excuse for ineffective action. We know you know what you need to do. Dr Kweethai provides the tools and skills in these group settings to actively strive toward an improved self.

"Infrequent" means that Dr Kweethai usually offers community classes only when half a dozen or so people approach her with a topic they'd like to hear her thoughts on. 


But be careful what you ask for.


Her classes are only for students who express a sincere desire to learn. Therefore, a typical class meets 6 times over as many months. And no student is allowed to be a silent 'absorber'. No, participation is required. 


OTOH, food is often involved. 

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