iChange Therapy

An Alternative Approach to Health and Happiness

Rediscover health and happiness. Spirit is the missing link in the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm. The secret to becoming your best self is to regain a positive sense of personal worth and purpose.

iChange Therapy; I can, I want to, I choose to


The iChange Therapy process integrates eastern energy medicine with the western scientist of health promotion.



The lower case i reflects the nature of the individual striving to become whole and healthy. Change is at the heart of becoming whole, healthy & happy.

Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, has helped clients throughout the US and around the world.


No one leaves the iChange Therapy process without experiencing a change. 

Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD

A comprehensive process can accomplish so much more.

  • Health education conveys information.
  • Energy work clears a path for the change you desire in your life.
  • Then coaching helps you implement new skills consistent with maintaining change for the long term.

Dr Kweethai has earned a reputation for excellence. Her unparalleled advice, backed by broad experience and expertise, sets her apart.

Stop adapting. Start adopting.

Dr Kweethai is a firewalker

The only constant in life is change, yet it seems integral to the human condition to resist it; or worse, adapt to it. Adaptation typically means you are accommodating circumstances you did not choose for yourself. It is a constant stream of self betrayals reinforcing the unspoken notion that you are 'not good enough'.


When you are in charge of your life, you make better choices. You adopt behaviors that counteract negative circumstances. You do not deny circumstances, you rise above them. And you do so consistently because you know what it means to be 'good enough'.  

Qigong, quick morning exercise to energize your day

"What is the use of having everything your heart desires if you do not have the good health in mind, body and spirit to enjoy them?"

Dr Kweethai

'Hypnotherapy Path' videos

Hypnotherapy: An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness, book

Hypnotherapy is 'intuitively' appealing for most people; meaning it sounds like it could be beneficial, but how does it work, exactly? That's why Dr Kweethai wrote a book that describes her approach to hypnotherapy to potential clients.

It is also available in serial form on YouTube. Click the book at left to select sections at random from the YouTube channel, or 'Alternative Path' in the menu line to watch the entire book in sequence.

Selections from YouTube channel Alternative Path