iChange Therapy

An Alternative Approach to Health and Happiness

iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness is a hypnotherapy practice focused on helping clients to rediscover health and happiness. We believe Spirit is the missing link in the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm. The most important factor in becoming your best self is regaining a positive sense of personal worth and purpose.

iHealth Center is located in Keller, TX, near Dallas and Fort Worth; but Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, has helped clients throughout the US and around the world.


No one leaves her therapy room without experiencing a change.

The iChange Therapy process integrates Dr Kweethai's background in eastern energy medicine with her training as a western scientist in health promotion. The lower case i reflects the nature of the individual striving to become whole and healthy. Therefore, Change is at the heart of everything we do.

The iChange Therapy process is based on hypnotherapy, but the comprehensive process involves so much more. We are health educators. We not only clear the path to changes you desire in your life, we help you implement it by teaching you new skills consistent with maintaining those changes for the long term.

Dr Kweethai has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of hypnotherapy. Her unparalleled advice, backed by experience and expertise, sets her apart from other hypnotherapists.

See for Yourself

There are no bad clients. Whether or not you believe you can be hypnotized is irrelevant to a competent and confident hypnotherapist. If you are really ready to change, we can help you make it happen.


20 hours to a new You with skills to sustain it. Rewrite the subconscious software that is preventing you from being the best you can be.

Qigong, quick morning exercise to energize your day

"What is the use of having everything your heart desires if you do not have the good health in mind, body and spirit to enjoy them?"

Dr Kweethai

Dr Kweethai addresses Psychology Club at Tarrant County College South

"Hypnosis is totally natural. No pills to take. No needles to poke. Just use the natural healing ability of your own body."

Dr Kweethai

How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Crisis

How to stay calm in the midst of crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic in mind, the ability to keep a positive perspective is beneficial regardless of the scope of any immediate crisis. Each video in the 3-part series ends with a brief meditation to lift your mood thru the day.