iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness

Outstanding Experience

iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness was founded by Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, as an alternative to traditional health education and promotion.


Dr Steve Stork, EdD, is Technical Director, associate, and collaborator.

Located in northeast Ohio, iHealth Center is a consulting practice offering services face-to-face, but also via telephone and Zoom.


Dr Kweethai works with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations.

The iChange Therapy process is based on Dr Kweethai Neill's experience as a recovered academic. Dr Kweethai is a Board Certified Coach.

The iChange Therapy process takes an integrative approach, intuitively shaping practice and methodology to the unique needs of each client, rather than following a "one-size-fits-all" protocol.

iChange Therapy promotes health and happiness inside and out. We are health educators who believe that wellness is multifaceted. Spirit is the missing link in the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm. And it is that missing Spirit that gets people "stuck." We use hypnotherapy as a primary means of exploring the subconscious mind for emotional blocks that inhibit the flow of positive energies. We then use coaching to help you make choices consistent with the new You that emerges.

Background & Qualifications

Professional Ethics

Most alternative and complementary therapies are unregulated. Training standards and accountability to skilled practice and continuing education vary widely. While certification doesn't require the same academic rigor as licensure, that does not make it automatically inferior. 


Dr Kweethai's PhD is in health education. But far from relying on an earned doctorate to establish her credibility, she brought her graduate school habits to the study and practice of hypnotherapy & coaching. And she is a strong advocate for improving the level of training and accountability to continuing education for everyone offering alternative wellness services. 


That advocacy includes high ethical standards. Dr Kweethai selects her clients as much as they select her. Whether or not you decide to work with Dr Kweethai, it is always prudent to look beyond a practitioner's certifications.