Dr Steve Stork, EdD

Director of Technical Support
Writer. Editor. Website designer.




B.S. Education; Bowling Green State University
M.S. Education; Auburn University
EdD; Auburn University


Professional Credentials

  • Mediator
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certificate in Sport & Performance Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Medical Meditation and Stress Management




Board of Directors - Tarrant County Association of Mediators

Webmaster - Fort Worth Area Alliance for Marriage and Family Therapy

Co-author: with Kweethai Neill; How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice (2015), iChange Press 

Author: Assessing Gymnastics in Elementary Physical Education (2006) for the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, and Movement Education Lesson Plan and Objectives Workbook (2000) for USA Gymnastics
Editor: former Senior Editor of Teaching Elementary Physical Education, a Human Kinetics publication

The "we" at iHealth Center

Dr Stork is certified in clinical hypnotherapy but chooses not to practice. He is much too busy playing several other support roles.

  • Many issues in hypnotherapy are based on childhood trauma. Dr Stork draws from an academic background in early childhood development to help Dr Kweethai and her students orient issues in that context. 
  • As former senior editor of a professional journal, Dr Stork's writing and editing skills allow for wider distribution of ideas and strategies within Dr Kweethai's iChange Therapy process. He also extends that creative process to social media, maintaining an active dissemination of Dr Kweethai's calendar, trainings and ideas on Facebook and YouTube. 
  • Dr Stork serves as Dr Kweethai's archivist; recording her presentations for later analysis. With a background in qualitative research, he has derived insights about her work that come in handy when co-teaching master classes with her. He also presents these insights at conferences such as the IMDHA Hypno-Expo, Hypnothoughts Live and the ACHE national conference.