iChange Therapy

We call it Integrated Wellness because it is a multi-faceted approach to helping clients. The lower case i is for the individual, who seeks to become one with 'I', the Universal Divine. iChange Therapy seeks to promote health & happiness from within.


"I change because I can, because I want to, and because I choose to."
—Dr Kweethai

Dr. Kweethai with hypnotherapy client
Group training
Feng Shui Dreamboard

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Re-writing the software of your subconscious mind allows you to overcome perceived barriers to your success or happiness.


Life Enhancement Training

Be careful what you ask for! Even a simple change is like dropping a pebble in a pool and watching the ripples. We teach you how to adjust to unintended and unanticipated consequences of lifestyle changes.

Feng Shui

Re-arranging your home and work environment in specific ways enhances and sustains the changes you have made.

Attaining iHealth means...


  • you are at your best in physical, mental and spiritual well-being
  • you are happy with yourself and the people around you
  • you feel successful and creative
  • you love your work and the life you are living right now
  • you feel successful in life
  • you live IN JOY and are able to ENJOY life at home, in your community and at work
  • you are hopeful and excited about your present life
  • you feel good inside and out

To learn more about hypnotherapy and how Dr Kweethai works, buy her book at the iHealth Hypnotherapy School website.

Hypnotherapy: An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness

For example, imagine coping with a cancer diagnosis in a positive way. Hypnotherapy addresses many physical ailments without pills or needles.

In the meantime...

Dr Kweethai has been known to suggest that really beneficial group therapy would consist of a group of half a dozen therapists and a single client. When she meets with a group, it is to deliver her own brand of generalized self improvement. Lessons in Life is a set of recordings from a class Dr Kweethai convened based on the expressed interests of a group of people who follow her work. Her teaching style is to leave the floor open to questions, some of which are included in these recordings. But most of the content focuses on her unique, refreshing and intuitive insights.  

iHealth Lessons in Life: Peaceful, Mindful, Joyful Living