Medical Hypnosis

If Dr Kweethai applied Medical Hypnosis only for pain management and virtual anesthesia, that would be enough for most people. But what if it could also be used to reduce anxiety and hasten recovery? Indeed, what if hypnosis can be coordinated with surgery, not just to address acute disease, but to improve overall energetic qualities of the body?


For example. Dr Kweethai guided a client, prior to radical mastectomy, to move all negative energy throughout her body -  including fear, anger and anxiety - into her breasts; with the understanding that, as the breasts were removed, the negative energy would be removed as well. She returned the afternoon of the surgery to find this formerly angry and taciturn woman happily playing with her young children on her hospital bed.


Dr Kweethai is not satisfied with short-term benefits of hypnosis. Her approach to hypnotherapy is always life-changing.

Pain Management vs. Elimination

Pain serves a protective purpose in the body. Total elimination of pain can lead a condition to worsen. In contrast, reduction of pain, in terms of severity or subjective experience, can serve a variety of purposes. Dr Kweethai carefully explores the client's relationship with pain, then applies hypnotherapy in a manner that best suits the client's needs.

Energy Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the concept of chi. Chi is the life force that pervades the Universe. From the TCM perspective, illness and disease are caused by 'blocked' chi. In other words, beneficial chi flows freely.

Dr Kweethai is skilled in guiding the client's mind to identify blockages and restore free flow to chi.

Tooth extraction with hypnosis

Reduce Pain with Hypnosis