06. August 2020
Dr Kweethai opens with a silly story to show that we all have our blind spots. Recognizing that, should it not then be easier to accept the perceived shortcomings of those to whom we are closest. Transmuting from Me to We, a single letter between two simple words, makes a major contribution to long-lasting, happy relationships.
05. August 2020
Anger is an expression of fear. The unintended consequence of unresolved fear is that it contributes to a deepening sense of not being good enough. On the other hand, as it takes the same amount of energy to either blame others or forgive yourself, learning how to love yourself is the only real antidote to anger.
04. August 2020
Learning is not passive. It is defined in education as a 'relatively permanent change in behavior'. Behavior suggests action. Therefore, learning is evident in action; what you DO with what you have learned.
29. July 2020
Stress just gets worse when you fail to acknowledge it. When we experience physical pain we say Ouch. It works the same with emotional and spiritual pain. Stop. Say Ouch. Acknowledge it. Express it.
28. July 2020
We are human Beings, but many of us need more practice in Being human.
15. July 2020
Dr Kweethai relates a bit of personal history to introduce how she initial conceived the iChange Catalyst process.
19. May 2020
iChange with Dr Kweethai. Small ideas. Big changes. Stories and concepts to overcome stress and fear; leading to better health and happiness.
13. May 2020
A month into the COVID pandemic, Dr Kweethai describes how to maintain calm during a universal crisis.
09. August 2016
To be a leader in your own life, you first have to respect yourself
08. August 2016
Even simple choices paralyze you in fear if you do not love and trust yourself

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