Do not meditate with a goal

Do not meditate with a goal

Meditation is a practice of being present. It is the opposite of thinking. Time stops. 

The notion of a goal, trying to accomplish something within meditation, invokes thought and can result in feelings of judgment. Meditation does not reduce pain or suffering. But, in the context of meditation, one embraces suffering in a way that allows it to pass thru you; just as you observe thoughts, allowing them to float in and out of consciousness without responding to them.

Yet meditation need not be entirely passive. Feelings of love, patience and gratefulness interact with the energies of the universe, exerting a subtle and divine influence on the shared existence of all humankind. 


00:51   Life is like a tapestry

01:24   Four Noble Truths of Buddhism : Life is comprised of contrasts

02:39   Stop the crazy-train

03:18   Embracing the suffering allows it to pass thru you

04:11   We can only experience one feeling at a time

05:12   Meditation as a pause to concentrate on breathing

09:15   Then step outside the body

10:57   Use the alpha state to re-integrate

12:42   Contrast with prayer

13:43   Imagine a ray of light

14:19   The nature of beta consciousness

16:00   Become the breath : Flow

17:22   Patience : Don't think about time

17:51   Do not go into meditation with a goal ; Meditation is the opposite of thinking

18:33   Be prepared to surprise yourself

19:40   How to change the consciousness of the world

20:48   Active Meditation : Prayer : Intention

23:14   Examples

23:49   Gratefulness

30:05   Gender differences : Yin & Yang

31:48   Patting waves to change the world

33:43   A meditation to share Love

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