What memories will stick with Your children

What memories will stick with Your children?

Fathers Day is as good a time as any to consider what we each learned from a father figure, both good and bad. Unfortunately, it is often the bad things that stick out; particularly if you are prone to negative energies. That makes it easy to assign blame; and that habit slows whatever healing you are in need of. So, rather than looking outward for reasons to be unhappy, shift your gaze inward; where you can use your creative imagination to construe solutions based on a positive outlook. 


00:00 - 07:33   Meditation to receive love energies

07:34   Commentary on the longest day of the year & Fathers Day

11:05   Dr Kweethai's father. Her formative years.

19:23   Story: How to turn a rod of steel into a needle

24:45   An external perspective inhibits healing

29:33   What would your own children say about you?

30:53   Learning to love someone you do not like: Detachment

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