From Me to We

From Me to We

Dr Kweethai opens with a silly story to show that we all have our blind spots. Recognizing that, should it not then be easier to accept the perceived shortcomings of those to whom we are closest.


Transmuting from Me to We, a single letter between two simple words, makes a major contribution to long-lasting, happy relationships.


03:01   The magic drawer

05:37   Procrastination is a delayed decision

06:11   Story of Flunking Brownie school

12:13   Attachment

13:35   Flip one letter in a word to change your world

15:09 No justification for violence

18:27   Conflict arises from 2 Me's

20:46   Mutual respect in marriage - based on We

22:35   From Me to We

24:49   Marriage is not a contract

27:52   Stop doing things that benefit only you

30:44   Difference between promises and commitment

40:43   2-minute meditation

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