Freedom; American by choice

Freedom; American by choice

Don't be the warden of your own prison. Take back the power to make choices in your own best interest. Freedom isn't free, it requires effort. So, take responsibility for your choices; speak up, speak out. 


00:25   Freedom; American by choice

02:10   Life as a resident alien

05:07   From resident alien to citizen

10:20   Dual citizenship?

12:43   Foreign passport holder (in Malaysia)

15:55   Home is where you park your stuff

17:45   Freedom of spirit

20:14   You are your own prison warden

22:52   Different locations, same energy

24:05   Water as energy

25:29   Freedom isn't free: Take back the power to make your own choices

30:43   Choices vs Excuses

33:53   To lead children toward freedom, teach them to take responsibility

36:01   To avoid giving freedom away; speak up, speak out

39:02   Freedom with responsibility 

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