Adapt not just to survive, but to thrive

Adapt not just to survive, but to thrive

Forget "What's the meaning of life?" What is it that keeps us plodding forward, one foot in front of the other, through life? How do you cope with the realization, somewhere around mid-life, that you have gained everything you aspired to, yet in the process lost your sense of self? The greatest regret in life is not Death, but the fear of Not Having Lived. To Live, not just Exist, is to make choices, yes, but also to adapt to any consequences, positive and negative, arising from those choices. Seems reasonable, except that adaptation means giving something up, even when it leads to a more desirable end. So, change is not just a matter of making a choice, but of discriminating among choices, to determine where your best interest lies, then activating positive intentions. 


00:40   What keeps us going?

03:07   Social Mislearning

04:51   A 'success' disposition

07:06   Objective measures of success vs happiness

07:21   Millionaire Next Door

09:31   Adaptability

10:07   Willow trees (with pictures)

12:42   Martial arts

17:11   Adapt for Survival

19:48   Negative adaptation

21:02   Adapt even/especially to situations you cannot control

22:33   Reflect on how you have already adapted

24:36   Life as an immigrant wife

27:54   Adaptation is a choice

29:05   Dr Allensworth on diet adaptation

30:31   Need to adapt adaptations

31:18   Adapting to home officing

32:28   Adaptation = Willingness to let go of something

34:44   Gratitude despite having 'less'

36:25   Do not blindly adapt

39:09   Positive intentions establish Flow

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