Where does Anger come from

Where does Anger come from?

Anger is an expression of fear. The unintended consequence of unresolved fear is that it contributes to a deepening sense of not being good enough. On the other hand, as it takes the same amount of energy to either blame others or forgive yourself, learning how to love yourself is the only real antidote to anger.


00:07   Anger as Fire

00:49   Growing up poor need not produce fear or anger in later life

07:29   Bad choices arise from Fear

10:36   Negative emotions either elevate us or send us into the abyss

11:22   Chi energy is either fear or love

12:00   Degrees of Fear -- Anger

15:56   Degrees of Fear -- Anxiety

16:15   Degrees of Fear -- Depression

18:16   Degrees of Fear -- Despair

18:40   Despair -- Self destruction vs Destroying others

19:57   Driving away from an old life into a new life

20:53   It takes as much energy to blame as it does to forgive

25:38   How to resolve anger

30:03   Compassion is kindness in action

36:30   Adopt a meditative state of awareness

42:21   Forgiveness

44:04 - 46:50   Meditation

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