Small mistakes grow; So fix them

Small mistakes grow; So fix them

Ignoring an insignificant error can lead to unintended consequences. Fixing the error, even if it means starting over, may be inconvenient, but is the only practical way to prevent related difficulties in the future. 

The challenge is to focus not on what you lose in making a fix, but on what you gain. If your intentions are based on positive energies, the outcomes will be beneficial and sustainable. 

What you give energy to determines your reality. It is a small change to adopt a positive mindset; be a force for good. 


00:10   Story: A gift of land in Ohio   

03:23   Off square; start again

05:05   Everything built on top of a mistake perpetuates the mistake

05:26   Things done right last a lifetime

07:14   Bad idea to simply cover up the old with the new

09:56   Learn from mistakes made in order to make a new life

13:10   What you give energy to determines your reality

14:47   Story of client whose anger broke his ankle

15:47   Firewalking

17:14   Power of the mind: Netball

19:29   Story: Recovering a sense of self by quitting an internship

21:49   Small shifts make a big difference

22:41   Learning from the rules of carpentry

25:34   Parallel to COVID

27:50   Relevance to iChange Therapy

29:00   Re-starting a life: Tear it down and start from scratch

31:34   Manifestations of energy based on polarity

34:11   Mistakes can be fixed (and should be before they lead to other mistakes)

35:14   Don't ask for forgiveness; fix it

37:37   Story: Cruise ship casino

38:24   Story: Manifesting new clients

38:57   Energy follows the polarity of your intentions: Be a force for good

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