You cannot fill a cup that is full

You cannot fill a cup that is full

The 'full cup' is a metaphor for self-importance, egocentrism, arrogance, and any other disposition that prevents one from seeking to share meaning with others. It leads to the impression that one is judgmental and self-righteous, but also defensive. In essence, you are so full of yourself that you cannot share meaning with others, i.e., interpret a circumstance from the perspective of 'another' person. This makes you rigid, inflexible and unteachable because you think you already know all you need to know, and that you are RIGHT. And it is that need to be RIGHT that detracts from your ability to be HAPPY. In the full cup metaphor, you create space in the cup by releasing the attachment to being right; by differentiating between your own perceptions and those of others; by reflecting on what you might still have to learn. 


01:23   Story of a mink filling a tea cup

04:45   The sad truth of lottery winners

07:44   Release the attachment to being right

11:55   Need to make room for new joys

16:14   Proper way to pour and enjoy tea

19:11   Life parallel; always leave space to fill your cup

19:22   Learning about Confidence from Ormond McGill

24:21   Create space to be filled (Analogies)

26:45   To receive something new, give up something old

30:19   A man with no faith is full of himself

33:36   You are not your past; dump the whole cup

35:52   A poem from a time of renewal

45:03   Practicality of an empty cup

46:37   Millionaire Next Door

47:20   How to know when you are full of yourself when giving advice

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