The paradox of more stuff

The paradox of More stuff

People can become defensive when confronted with their unconscious attachments; to things, to emotions, to beliefs. They justify potential value or benefits. They cling either to an object itself or what it represents. What they do not realize is that every attachment draws energy. It may be a small amount for each object of attachment; but the result is cumulative stress. Reducing clutter is not just a process of throwing out rubbish; it is mindfully releasing that which no longer serves us. 


00:40   The phenomenon of storage units

02:23   The pottery pays in dollars, not happiness

03:31   Materialistic vs Consumer

05:51   Every possession takes a bit of your energy

07:15   Possessions are a poor substitute for life meaning

09:26   Life is not a straight line from birth to death; it is a circle

10:43   The monkey and the peanuts

13:42   It is irresponsible to not have a will

14:20   When hope leads to suffering

16:17   The relationship of attachment to suffering

17:10   Hope robs us of the life we have today

19:36   Hope of possession transmutes to fear of loss

20:25   Crucial Conversation: Owning up to a problem

23:52   What do you want, and what are you willing to trade for it?

26:06   We use bad stuff in the past to project the future

27:56   Ritually burning the past

31:04   Allow space for new, creative ideas

31:46   After discarding physical clutter, discard emotional clutter

34:51   How would you like to be remembered?

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