How to Do forgiveness

How to Do forgiveness

Three small words "I forgive you," but what if you don't, really? Are some forms of violation or abuse simply too grievous and traumatic to qualify for forgiveness? At what point does a magnanimous gesture turn into self-betrayal? When the issue of forgiveness reaches this level of complexity, it is time to move beyond mere words toward a means of healing. In some cases that means forgiving yourself before you can forgive a perpetrator.


00:21   Chinese character for Forgiveness: Woman/Mouth/Heart

00:42   Story: I can't forgive my father

05:11   When does an argument begin?

06:23   Do you want to be Right, or Happy?

10:15   How do you Do forgiveness?

11:49   The desire for justice

12:56   Forgiveness vs Justice

17:20   Forgiveness serves both you and the other person

18:45   Story: A father's forgiveness

25:36   An expert at beating yourself up

27:17   Prajna - Divine Consciousness

29:32   Male gynos will never fully understand mothering

31:00   To Do forgiveness, make a choice to not suffer

32:24   Story of two Buddhist monks carry a woman across a river

35:48   Start by forgiving yourself

39:04   Relationship of Soul Retrieval to Attachment

46:00   2-minute meditation

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