Dr. Kweethai's Nine Steps to Self-Empowerment: Part 2

Nine steps to self-empowerment

Go from good to great

Let Dr. Kweethai be your guide. Learn to raise your awareness of key internal mental habits with each of the following steps. Practice new skills to reinforce positive habits of mind. Challenge yourself to commit to transformation; to improve from good place to great. Yes, it takes courage, and isn’t always easy, but the results make it worth the effort and sacrifice.

  1. The steps to self-empowerment focus on nine essentials:
  2. What is Personal Power?
  3. What do you want? Do you have enough?
  4. Who do you think you are?
  5. Discover your authentic self
  6. Visualize new opportunities
  7. Choose with Wisdom
  8. Act with Courage
  9. Find Grace
  10. Create Your Own Health and Happiness

And GREAT looks like...

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