What's eating you?

Daphne was a victim of incest. Her father began abusing her at age five. Her mother knew but did nothing to protect her. She ran away from home and became a mother at fourteen.

What's eating you?

By age 44, she was twice divorced from abusive husbands. She had gained weight as a child, hoping to make herself unattractive and therefore safe. As an adult she thought losing the weight would make her feel better. It didn’t. Yo-yo dieting sabotaged her success. She also continued to date men who abused her, not knowing how to stop.

Daphne had little sense of safety, having been betrayed by both parents. Fears arising in childhood remained in her subconscious.

Dr. Kweethai Neill used hypnosis to regress Daphne to her childhood. Accessing her subconscious, they uncovered the emotional triggers perpetuating Daphne’s self-destructive behaviors. Reframing those triggers empowered Daphne to rescue her child-self from the incestuous abuse. While in trance, Daphne was guided to confront her parents and re-script her subconscious to accept the past; and to choose not to suffer anymore. This process helped Daphne heal.

In subsequent sessions Daphne learned to express herself assertively via Life Enhancement Training. As Daphne’s self-worth improved, she broke off a current abusive relationship to concentrate on taking better care of herself. She also removed physical clutter and rearranged furnishings in her home (using feng shui) to create surroundings that resonated with her newfound clarity. Daphne’s life was transformed.

Fears like anger, guilt, anxiety or depression hold people back from being happy. Hypnotherapy alleviates fears, post-traumatic stress, and performance anxiety—from bedroom to boardroom. Hypnosis allows birthing, surgery--even root canals—to be conducted without chemical anesthesia. No longer limited to weight loss and smoking cessation, hypnotherapy enhances wellness without pills or needles. Dr. Kweethai’s book, “Hypnotherapy: An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness,” explains it’s not what you are eating but what is eating you.”

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