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Testimonial from a client of Dr. Kweethai in Malaysia

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Dear Dr Kweethai,

I would like to share with everyone what I have shared with you personally over the phone 1 week ago. Here it goes:

Hi everyone, I am Sharon and I am Dr Kweethai's student from Malaysia. I would like to share my story here: Last March, I set an intention to go to US this year to fulfill one of my bucket list. For 8 years it was a long forgotten dream that was way overdue, until I recalled it again while I sat in Dr Kweethai's therapy session. That day I chose to make it happen. I chose ME and life has been that way ever since!

After the session, I was invited to attend Dr. Kweethai's hypnotherapy class, which helped my recovery process a lot faster. The class discussed going to Master Class in October and I wanted to go as well! After that I went home, got to my desk and started working on the numbers. The figures came out to a big lump sum of money that I never had in my entire life. However, I told myself I must make it happen.

I remembered, Dr. Kweethai told us in her class whenever she received an angpow (red packet) after she worked on someone, she will bring it back home and put it on her prayer altar for 9 days to send blessings back to the Universe. So, I did just that. I wrote my precise intention in a piece of paper (which I learned from her class as well) and put it in an angpow, with one US dollar bill attached to it. I simply wrote, "Dear Universe, I need RM***** to go to US to visit my best friend and to attend Dr Kweethai's Master Class by September. Thank you Universe." Since I don't own an altar, I put it right next to my bed and I sent my intention with the angpow in my hands every night before bed.

2 months passed. By then, I came up with a few ideas how to make it work. In the midst of that, my employer gave me bad news: I have to be relocated to another role because he doesn't have any new client account for me to work on at the moment. Hence, they gave me two choices: 1) take a new role or 2) resign voluntarily and take the compensation package. Opportunities came almost immediately but I knew my heart wasn't there anymore. So I declined the new role and chose happiness over security. I resigned.


Guess what? The compensation package they offered was exactly the same amount as what I needed for my US trip! I was ecstatic and I am truly grateful to the Universe and Dr Kweethai for her support. I have no fear because I truly believe when I walk in the Universe's timing everything will fall into place (even getting a new career path).

Like what the Buddha said; "What you think, You Become. What you feel, You Attract. What you imagine, You Create." Imagine what you can create in your life with the right intention and positive energy flowing through your mind, body and spirit.

Thank you, Universe.

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