How to stay calm in the midst of crisis

Complex vs Complicated

In this ZOOM meeting Dr Kweethai explores different ways to maintain calm in the midst of crisis. Yes, the topic arose with the coronavirus pandemic, but the ability to keep a positive perspective is beneficial regardless of the scope of any immediate crisis.

  0:00   Participant Introductions

  2:13   Preliminaries / Opening

  7:31   Start of Formal Presentation -- Crisis

17:58   T-zero

21:15   Anxiety  --  Degrees of Fear

26:30   Finger-pointing

28:20   Worry

31:16   Chi energy -- Investment in Fear vs Love

33:54   Finger lengthening exercise

36:20   We have control of how we feel

38:00   How to Stay Calm

38:35   Calm Breathing exercise

41:00 - 50:00   Meditation practice

You Control How You Feel

Dr Kweethai continues her discussion of how to remain calm in the midst of crisis.

01:45   Dream of becoming a brain surgeon

04:03   Formal presentation - Crisis

06:25   Difference between Complex & Complicated

09:35   Nature of Energy - Fear vs Love

12:25   Anxiety

14:50   Degrees of Fear

17:10   Depression

17:45   How to manage fears

18:05   Fear of Butterflies - Your perspective is your truth

19:10   Dealing with your worst fear - Find commonalities

21:10   Fear of not being good enough

22:25   Responding to Crisis

23:28   I am fat. You are ugly. 

If you like something. If you don't like something. It doesn't change that something.

28:10   Complexity plus time compression

33:10   Urgency vs Importance

36:10   Awareness. Witness. Appreciate.

38:52   Practice Meditation Breathing

51:22   Psychic income vs karmic debt

Stop the Craziness

To stay calm, stop the craziness, focus within and align yourself. 

13:00   Crisis Triage

15:36   Freeze Time

17:39   Stay inside yourself

19:50   Align with Yourself

23:13   Stop the craziness

23:30   Long breaths as trance induction

26:48   Sacred space

27:20   Witness your own consciousness

29:30   Balance Danger & Opportunity

31:28 - 41:10   Meditation practice

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