I climbed the wrong mountain. But it prepared me for what I do now

I climbed the wrong mountain. But it prepared me for what I do now.

Dr Kweethai relates a bit of personal history to introduce viewers to how she initial conceived her iChange Therapy process.

00:53   Personal biography

01:12   Education

01:42   Victoria Institution ("The VI")

03:37   A defiant child in a masculine culture

05:02   Successful marriage (finally)

06:02   Climbed the wrong mountain

07:02   Leaps of Faith

08:02   New ways of making choices

08:42   Ambition: Brain surgeon

11:22   From stay-at-home mom back to school

16:42   Revising an ambition

18:02   Accessibility: Expanding on basic knowledge

22:42   Graduate school

23:49   Health is a Choice

25:16   Teaching at the right time

29:27   Consulting...Summit in Washington

30:52   Perspective of scale

31:57   "How you feel" trumps knowledge and attitude

33:37   Accepting death as part of life

35:34   Integration with the universe

38:02   Hypnotherapy: "I plan to be successful one client at a time."

39:10   The missing piece in Health Education

40:02   The wrong mountain

40:47   Integration of Mind, Body, Spirit

42:12   Difference between Religion and Spirituality

43:50   How to be grounded

44:29   Multivariate health

45:47   Conditioned to Lie

48:12-53:52   Meditation

56:42   Difference between thinking and feeling

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