Human being vs being Human

Human being vs being Human

Dr Kweethai relates a few stories of how seemingly inconsequential ideas she learned from others subsequently proved quite beneficial; in one case, life-saving.

00:52   In Memoriam

03:12   Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity

04:36   Mind, Body, Spirit

05:33   What is life all about?

07:22   From being Human to human Being

08:04   Teaching children to prostitute themselves for affections

10:20   Programming the child’s mind – You are extra special

15:14   Women are the first teachers of the next generation

16:58   Big changes from small ideas – A big lesson from one ice skating lesson

21:20   A lesson from the Cleveland Clinic

25:06   Dimensions of Health

26:54   Spirituality – The core of behaviors – Eating Disorders

28:47   Getting at the source code – Fear 

31:45   How to help someone find spiritual peace – Abandon hope

36:14   You are the sum total of all your life experiences

39:07   Crisis brings out the best and worst in people

41:57   Meditation preface memorial

43:43 – 50:00   Meditation – Guiding and releasing departed souls

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