How to stop the craziness; say Ouch

How to stop the craziness; say Ouch

Stress just gets worse when you fail to acknowledge it. When we experience physical pain we say Ouch. It works the same with emotional and spiritual pain. Stop. Say Ouch. Acknowledge it. Express it.

02:40   Stress is part of life

03:30   Stress is fear

05:00   Develop an alternate response the extra-ordinary

07:30   Reaction vs Response via Emotional Health

09:07   Fear of not being good enough - Filling a void in Spirit

12:36   Just say Ouch, instead of striking back

15:44   Own the pain. Own the problem.

20:30   Break state. Claim your power.

21:56   Stop it! Then, What do you want?

27:25   Extraordinary behavior: Breathing thru the fear

30:56   Emotional Health

34:19   Anger is easier to feel than grief

37:20   Next step: Learning ways to express yourself thru assertive language

40:45 - 43:56   Meditation: Affirmation; all problems have solutions

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