Turn your head where you want to go

How do you know you have learned? Turn your head the direction you want to go.

Learning is not passive. It is defined in education as a 'relatively permanent change in behavior'. Behavior suggests action. Therefore, learning is evident in action; what you DO with what you have learned.

00:50   How to prepare to teach? Know your stuff.

03:26   The same holds true in hypnotherapy practice

04:52   Time to share and leave a legacy

06:10   Life experiences are a tapestry

07:12   How do you know when you have learned?

11:11   Difference between infant and adult learning 

12:45   The skating lesson: Look where you want to go, and your body will follow

18:00   Alan Watts: Life is not a destination, Life is a journey

21:40   Where-ever you are in your journey, look where you want to go now

23:38   One dollar more

25:59   Write your own obituary

35:19   Set the right intention. But don't micromanage God.

41:47   From Hope to Faith

48:58   Dreaming vs Doing

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