Feng Shui

Environments to Support your Goals

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science used to design spaces that promote peace and harmony.


Feng Shui creates harmony in your living and work environments to support your best intentions.


Qi is considered by the Chinese to be the life force that permeates you and the spaces within which you live and work. A balanced Qi is critical to manifesting your highest goals, enjoying harmony in your relationships, and maximizing your success in creative endeavors, wealth, and recognition.


Maybe you feel stuck in your job, are unhappy in significant relationships, suffer conflict with family members, hurt over disruptive children, or are stressed by an insensitive or demanding boss. Maybe you consider your friends to be judgmental, coworkers uncooperative, or employees ungrateful. Maybe you are unable to bring your projects to successful completion or wish your business was doing better.


Bottom line, you wish you could find joy in day-to day living and feel healthier and good about yourself. The preceding are all indications that your Qi is unbalanced or stuck. If you can express a specific intention to improve in an area that is causing you stress or unhappiness, Feng Shui is an effective tool for helping you clear the clutter that impedes the flow of Qi In your physical environment. Restoring the flow of Qi places you on a clearer path toward fulfilling your dreams.


Thank you, Kweethai, for your generous contribution to our well-being and the sale of our house with your Feng Shui session. You and your wisdom provided an essential dynamic shift of the energy within me and my husband and within the house. Before meeting with you, not one person had viewed our home. Not one prospective buyer had called or made any inquiry. The very next day after your session, after acting upon your advice regarding fiscal matters, the calls started coming. Within 48 hours, a family came and walked through the home. The next business day, they made an offer to buy and we accepted the offer. I anticipate that the process will proceed as swiftly as possible, praise God!

Betty Tomboulian, Denton, TX


International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Board Certified Coach
National Commission for Health Education Credentialing

Dr. Kweethai is located in north Texas, but serves clients throughout the US and the world.

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