Dr. Kweethai’s Nine Steps to Self-Empowerment: Part 1

Nine Steps to Self-Empowerment

Signs that you lack self-empowerment

  • You feel stuck; in a current job or relationship, dis-satisfied with boss, coworkers, partner, spouse, or children.
  • You feel powerless in one or more of those relationships; in a way that shakes your self-confidence
  • You find it difficult to make desired changes in your life
  • You find life stressful
  • You constantly worry about the future
  • You spend inordinate time reminiscing and lamenting past events
  • You find yourself hiding emotions and swallowing opinions
  • Your health status worries you
  • Bottom line, you just wish you could live a better life

The more of these that sound like you, the less you feel empowered to live as your best self


If you want to, and choose to...you can Go from Good to Great

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