Trying is Lying. What's your excuse?

“If only I had ___ I could be successful.” “I could do that if….” “My marriage would work if only my spouse would …..” Ifs are common excuses made by people who feel trapped or stuck and wish for something better. When you feel scared, depressed or frustrated, it can be overwhelming to even consider what something better feels like. Then there are the alibis. “I am trying” or “I have tried EVERYTHING!” Alibis disguise inaction or ineffective action. Trying is lying. Trying means you do a little bit.

Trying is Lying. What's your excuse?

   For example, how does one “try” to quit smoking? You either smoke or you don’t. If you are ready to make a real commitment to change, hypnotherapy is an alternative to the alibis and excuses.

   Emotional energies in the subconscious mind are what got you stuck. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that filters out distractions and allows you to focus on dealing with your issues.

   Emotions imprinted in your subconscious create fears that prevent you from being your best. Hypnotherapy helps uncover those fears and resolve them, freeing you to achieve your goals. Imagine a life without excuses and alibis, without fear.   

   Hypnotherapy is natural and non-invasive. There are no pills or pins. Are you feeling stuck? Hypnotherapy can improve relationships and performance, at home or work, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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