Hypnotherapy Heals a Broken Spirit

Danny’s business is growing. He appears to be highly successful. He lives in a fancy house, drives a flashy car, and has a beautiful wife and fine children. Yet every day he feels like he is walking on eggshells. He lives with fear that his children and wife will abandon him or his business may fail. He feels undeserving of his lifestyle, yet is afraid of losing it all. He does not trust his wife, uncertain that such a fine woman could love him. Neither does he trust his employees. His frequent outbursts of rage and anger are disconcerting. Sleep disturbances, migraines and stress are common. He sometimes wishes he were dead.

Hypnotherapy heals a broken spirit

The contradictions and fears led Danny to hypnotherapy. Dr. Kweethai regressed him to childhood, where he recalled repeated abuse and humiliation inflicted by his father. As a double betrayal, Danny’s mother had not protected or consoled him. Danny had learned not to trust nor to accept or give love.

Hypnotherapy helped him heal and learn new skills. Dr. Kweethai helped him recover the spirit lost to his father’s meanness. But healing really began as Danny took charge of his own life. Dr. Kweethai taught him how to accept and love himself. In time Danny’s fears were transmuted into love. His life became more peaceful; and for the first time, he learned to fully enjoy the relationships important to him.

Fears like anger, guilt, or anxiety hold many people back from being happy. Hypnotherapy alleviates fears—from the bedroom to the boardroom—by rewriting the software of the subconscious mind. The iChange process pioneered by Dr. Kweethai Neill gets people unstuck and moving forward with their lives; with no pills or needles.

All anger is fear. Fear and love are forms of energy, and fear can be transmuted to love.

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