02. September 2020
People can become defensive when confronted with their unconscious attachments; to things, to emotions, to beliefs. They justify potential value or benefits. What they do not realize is that every attachment draws energy.
26. August 2020
The 'full cup' is a metaphor for self-importance, egocentrism, arrogance, and any other disposition that prevents one from seeking to share meaning with others. It leads to the impression that one is judgmental and self-righteous, but also defensive. In essence, you are so full of yourself that you cannot share meaning with others, i.e., interpret a circumstance from the perspective of 'another' person.

25. August 2020
Forget "What's the meaning of life?" What is it that keeps us plodding forward, one foot in front of the other, through life?
19. August 2020
Meditation is a practice of being present. It is the opposite of thinking. Time stops. The notion of a goal, trying to accomplish something within meditation, invokes thought and can result in feelings of judgment. Meditation does not reduce pain or suffering. But, in the context of meditation, one embraces suffering in a way that allows it to pass thru you; just as you observe thoughts, allowing them to float in and out of consciousness without responding to them. Yet meditation need not be...

18. August 2020
Ignoring an insignificant error can lead to unintended consequences. Fixing the error, even if it means starting over, may be inconvenient, but is the only practical way to prevent related difficulties in the future.
13. August 2020
Don't be the warden of your own prison. Take back the power to make choices in your own best interest. Freedom isn't free, it requires effort. So, take responsibility for your choices; speak up, speak out.

10. August 2020
Rather than looking outward for reasons to be unhappy, shift your gaze inward; where you can use your creative imagination to construe solutions based on a positive outlook.
09. August 2020
Three small words "I forgive you," but what if you don't, really? Are some forms of violation or abuse simply too grievous and traumatic to qualify for forgiveness? At what point does a magnanimous gesture turn into self-betrayal? When the issue of forgiveness reaches this level of complexity, it is time to move beyond mere words toward a means of healing. In some cases that means forgiving yourself before you can forgive a perpetrator. 00:21 Chinese character for Forgiveness: Woman/Mouth/Heart...

06. August 2020
Dr Kweethai opens with a silly story to show that we all have our blind spots. Recognizing that, should it not then be easier to accept the perceived shortcomings of those to whom we are closest. Transmuting from Me to We, a single letter between two simple words, makes a major contribution to long-lasting, happy relationships.
05. August 2020
Anger is an expression of fear. The unintended consequence of unresolved fear is that it contributes to a deepening sense of not being good enough. On the other hand, as it takes the same amount of energy to either blame others or forgive yourself, learning how to love yourself is the only real antidote to anger.

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